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Password Resets

If you have forgotten your password, you will need to contact FIS Security Administration via email to fis_probs@ucsc.edu and request that your FIS password be reset. Please include your FIS Banner userid in your email message. Once your email is received, you'll be contacted by FIS Security Administration with instructions on when and where to retrieve your reset password.

Changing your FIS Banner Password

Instructions can be found in the FIS Manual.

Password Policies

The security of the Financial Information System begins with you – safe passwords and workstation security are critical. Please follow the ITS Protect Passwords security guidelines with these exceptions:

__________Your FIS Password must:
___________- be at least 10 characters long
___________- contain a combination of letters and numbers
___________- start with a letter
___________- not contain any special symbols (such as @ # & ! etc.)

Keeping Track of Passwords

Remembering numerous passwords that are unique and secure can be a challenge. ITS addresses this topic well in the ITS Protect Passwords security guideline webpage. You may be interested in trying the electronic password storage product PasswordSafe, a free Windows utility that allows users to keep their passwords securely encrypted on their computers.

Password Sharing

Never share your password with anyone. Never log someone else into your account to work. Never use anyone else’s password- even if your boss is requesting this. These actions violate campus computing policies and may result in disciplinary action. If you feel that your password has been compromised, please notify ITS Support Center via the ITS Request system. They can also be contacted by phone, 459-4357, or emailing help@ucsc.edu.


FIS Banner Accounts

Requesting a New FIS Account

There are three forms needed to request a new FIS Banner account. Go to ITS Account Forms and follow the instructions under the FIS Accounts heading. Any questions about how to complete the forms can be directed to fis_probs@ucsc.edu. You will be notified via email when the account is ready.

Modifying an Existing Account

Please complete the FIS Access Request form and obtain appropriate signature authorizations. Mail to FIS Security Administration at Mailstop: Accounting Office, or fax to 459-3601. You will be notified via email when the request has been implemented.

Account Authorization

Each division and/or unit has one or more management staff with delegated authority to authorize creation or modification of FIS Banner accounts.  This delegation is based on campus roll-up Organization Codes. The FIS Access Authorizer for a division/unit must sign all FIS Access Authorization forms for that division/unit.  In their absence, the Senior Officer for the unit/division may sign.  Click on the link below for a list of FIS Access Authorizers. 

FIS Access Authorizers

Contact fis_probs@ucsc.edu if you have questions about FIS Access Authorization for your area.

Central Offices and Other Special FIS Access Requests

FIS Security administration maintains special authorization forms for central offices including Accounting, Purchasing, Planning & Budget, Student Business Services and those offices with unique access needs. Please contact fis_probs@ucsc.edu for assistance.

Closing Accounts

To inactivate your own or another’s account because they are leaving their position, please notify ITS Support Center via the ITS Request system. They can also be contacted by phone, 459-4357, or emailing help@ucsc.edu. They will notify all business systems to close accounts as directed.


Cyber Security at UCSC

Campus Security Policies and Guidelines

Please familiarize yourself with campus security policies; you could begin with the Top 10 List of Good Computing Practices and the Cyber Security brochure.

Protection of Restricted or Sensitive Data Resources

Many of us encounter this data as a part of our work responsibilities. Please be sure you have a working knowledge of the campus standards by reviewing the ITS Protecting Restricted Data webpage. Questions about restricted data, or any of the requirements or resources can be directed to the ITS Service Manager for Policy and Compliance at
459-2279 or itpolicy@ucsc.edu.

Workstation Security

Because you log into the Financial Information System from your workstation, you need to ensure that it is secure. Shut down, lock, log off, or put your computer to sleep before leaving it unattended, and make sure it requires a password to start up or wake-up. Consult the Top 10 List of Good Computing Practices for more information.